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The atmosphere should be nothing short of electric for this weekend's ML...
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Smooth and potent, the White Russian discombobulates your oesophagus int...
Thirsty Thursday
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Thirsty Thursday
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When's The Weekend Wednesday
More than 30,000 supporters will clutter Yonge Street this weekend at th...
Boating Safety for Canada Day
With the summer finally upon us, and Canada Day just around the corner, ...
Man's Best Friend
If dogs could tell stories about their distant relatives, the Irish Wolf...
Motorized Fun
Outdoor Adventures
Maintaining Those Muscles
Nothing beats summer in Ontario. Soon we will all be overcome with barbe...
Beach Body Bound
Even though Ontario winter seems to go on and on, the fact is that when ...
Off the Couch and into Shape
The holiday season is over, the NFL and NHL seasons are closing up shop ...
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Man's Best Friend
The Value of a Father
Without even realizing it, kids take much of what they have in their liv...
Life Lessons
A few decades ago, it was a lot easier to be a kid.
Second-Hand Ragtop
Like countless Canadians, you’ve probably always wished for a ‘fun-in-th...
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Would you do it for 5 bucks?
March 19, 2010
Have you ever wondered what some people will do for $5? Well we assure you the reality will far surpass your expectations.
The Boys of Summer Are Back
March 25, 2010
The crack of maple connecting with rolled up cowhide can only mean one thing – the boys of summer are back.
March 25, 2010
If this keeps up, the planet as we know it will be a vastly different place for our children’s children.
Busted Brackets
March 25, 2010
En route to the Sweet Sixteen my bracket has been busted more times than Bustah Rhymes and Amy Winehouse combined.
Grillin' N Chillin'
March 26, 2010
While some of us are year-round grillers, there is still something exceptional about that first barbecued hamburger as spring arrives on our doorstep.
Know The Symptoms
March 26, 2010
Given just how completely debilitating strokes are and the fact that they’re treatable if tended to quickly, it’s a wonder the condition doesn’t ge...
Locker Room
March 26, 2010
Some say it’s the last bastion of manhood; sacred ground reserved only for guys, where we can share, commiserate and empathize. It’s the locker roo...
Take It To The Top
March 26, 2010
Spring is a season of transition, as we move from our favourite winter activities into gearing up for fun outdoors in warmer weather.
Man's Best Friend
March 26, 2010
They are a calm breed, but let’s face it; their size is not only intimidating but makes them potentially accident-prone.
Everybody loves an underdog – Part 4
March 29, 2010
No matter their size (less than 5,000 students) or stature (they had never previously been to a Final Four) the Butler Bulldogs have forever put th...
The Barbeque Playbook
March 31, 2010
<b>So you’re in the market for a new grill?</b> Before you get blown away by BTUs or rotated with rotisseries, there are a few things to consider...
April 1, 2010
After a hard week at work and a big night on the town, Sunday is your day to chill. So kick your heels up and throw on some laid back tunes, and relax
April 7, 2010
There are many things a golf course can do to protect itself from the onslaught it will receive from the best golfers in the world.
Toronto International Film Festival: 2010
September 7, 2010
The Toronto International Film Festival is world renowned for showcasing the newest, most unique, and most ground breaking in film.
September 8, 2010
<b>It would be so easy for a guitar player to disappear in a trio like Rush.</b> Up front is the man-siren shriek and thundering bass of Geddy Le...
Late Night Hosts Profiles
September 9, 2010
Toronto International Film Festival: 2010
September 9, 2010
It only seems appropriate that Canada has a large number of films in a Canadian film festival. However, TIFF chief, Piers Handling, thinks there’s ...
Build A Strong Core
September 13, 2010
When it comes to making it through the season, whether Sunday morning “beer league", or elite level professional, you need to keep your body in tun...
Stanley Cup Prognosis
November 25, 2010
It may still be early, but history has proven time and again that for teams with Stanley Cup hopes and, more importantly, the burden of great expec...
45 Reasons Kids Should Play Sports
December 2, 2010
OK, time to fess up: how many of you really enjoy telling childless colleagues exactly what your winters are like?
Chill Gets Wet
January 7, 2011
Just in time for the Toronto International Boat Show, Chill is giving you exclusive access to our first annual CHILL GETS WET summer boating previe...
Keep Yourself Afloat...
January 20, 2011
Boating insurance. Who needs it? Well, you do if you love being on the open water. You wouldn’t consider hitting the roads without car insurance, r...
Toys For Your Boat
January 20, 2011
We get it. you work hard to “make the time" to get away and out on your boat for some relaxation, fishing, or water sports. Understandably, you nee...
Chill Suggestion Box
January 25, 2011
Have your say and let us know what you want to read about in CHILL magazine!
Boys Will Be Boys
March 17, 2011
A locker room in the National Hockey League is a lot of things. But, above all, it is a paradox. It is both prep-point and tactical hub; a place fo...
Blood, Sweat and Paint
March 17, 2011
Here at Chill, where our lives are centred upon the longstanding mantra, "Everything after 5 and weekends," we think we have pretty cool. But, afte...
Worldly Wings Take Flight
April 4, 2011
In preparation for the playoffs, Boston Pizza began serving bigger and better chicken wings to hungry sports fans across the nation.
Globetrotting Around Lake Ontario
April 4, 2011
Event: Harlem Globetrotters will be bringing their new 4-Point Shot to Lake Ontario
Beer Gives Back
April 5, 2011
Are you interested in protecting Canadian wildlife habitats, promoting tree planting initiatives and protecting and preserving Canada’s lakes and s...
Molson Kicks Off the Patio Season
April 11, 2011
While it still may feel like winter across much of Canada, the team at Molson Coors is not letting Mother Nature stand in the way of rolling out th...
Chillville: Backyard Ice Rink Challenge
April 15, 2011
When we first introduced you to Chillville a few years ago, we realized that many of your communities already epitomize the essence of Chillville.
The Mill Street Brew Pub
April 18, 2011
The National Capital Commission (NCC) and Mill Street Brewery jointly announced today the signing of a long-term lease for the Thompson- Perkins Mi...
How to Make the Perfect Bowl of Pasta
April 20, 2011
Pasta is one of the staples of the Canadian diet, but it need not taste like a staple.
Hockey Night in Canada & the G-Force Ball
April 29, 2011
Hockey Night in Canada's Play On! announced today the official ball for its nationwide 4-on-4 street hockey tournament.
Supplements 101
May 5, 2011
When we were kids, our parents made us take our vitamins.
The Best Athlete in the World
May 5, 2011
This project won’t end the debates about the greatest athletes. In fact, it may spark more. And that’s fine.
The New Retirement
May 9, 2011
How do different generations envision their post-working years?
The Great Debate
May 9, 2011
Plug it in or Pull the plug: you decide!
Man's Best Friend
May 9, 2011
Every Labrador Retriever owner has experienced that sound after a baseball or Frisbee is hurled across a field.
The Value of a Father
May 9, 2011
Without even realizing it, kids take much of what they have in their lives for granted.
Life Lessons
May 9, 2011
A few decades ago, it was a lot easier to be a kid.
Sweet, Sticky and Straight from the South
May 9, 2011
In our books, there are very few meats that compare to the perfect rack of ribs.
Trending Now
May 10, 2011
You don’t need to be a fashionista to know that trends come and go.
The Grill of Your Dreams
May 10, 2011
What’s the one thing that hints at the start of summer more than the smell of a great big steak on a grill?
Swimwear Special
May 10, 2011
What used to be limited in style has changed and broadened in scope.
Father's Day Gift Guy'd
May 10, 2011
Father’s Day. It’s a day when dads across the country truly get the recognition that they deserve
Deck Design & DIYing
May 10, 2011
Canadian Homeowners are united and bonded by the love of the great outdoors.
Blockbuster Babes of Summer
May 10, 2011
Summer in the cinema is a time for big blockbusters that the industry stakes mega-bucks on.
Kick Ass Bass
May 10, 2011
While it’s true that a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at the office, getting skunked always sucks.
Play Ball
May 10, 2011
In recent years, fans of the Toronto Blue Jays had been short on hope.
The NHL's Cheerocracy
May 11, 2011
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
CFL Primer
May 11, 2011
To sports fans across this nation, certain times of the year hold a particular significance to their internal sports calendars.
Strategy Over Strength
May 12, 2011
In combat sports, the training process is so long and arduous that ensuring it’s done properly is an art.
The Evolution of our Favourite Superheroes
May 12, 2011
It’s okay to admit it. It happens to the best of us. The ability to fly, the supersonic speed, the strength of 20 men; it gets us every time
In the Mind of...
May 12, 2011
There are very few things that can tear a golfer away from his or her game when on course.
Time to Get Wet 'n' Wild
May 12, 2011
There’s something magical about water.
A Floating Vacation
May 12, 2011
Stop planning your houseboat escape and just go already!
The Silent Killer
May 12, 2011
If there was ever any doubt, Charlie Sheen is not winning.
Research Your Way to Results
May 12, 2011
Some say we pay too much attention to our brains and not enough to our hearts when making momentous life decisions.
Before the NHL
May 12, 2011
If you follow the National Hockey League, you are well aware that it is big business.
Beach Body Bound
May 12, 2011
Even though Ontario winter seems to go on and on, the fact is that when summer in Ontario does appear, it appears fast
BudUnited: The Big Time!
May 16, 2011
Step aside ballroom dancers, jungle survivors and cake decorators.
Be The King of the Grill!
May 20, 2011
The days are getting longer, temperatures are warming up and the patio furniture is in place.
Maintaining Those Muscles
June 14, 2011
Nothing beats summer in Ontario. Soon we will all be overcome with barbecues, cottage weekends and my personal favourite, Blue Jays baseball.
NHL Entry Draft Countdown
June 15, 2011
“Draft schmaft." It was former Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Cliff Fletcher who once uttered the words when he was questioned about trading ...
The Canadian Angle
June 15, 2011
We Canadians, we’re renowned for inventing the sport of hockey, for having a great variety of beer and, as you’ll see scattered throughout this iss...
The Great Debate
June 15, 2011
Chill reviews the pros and cons of marriage - now you decide. To wed, or not to wed? That, is the question.
Best of the Fests
June 15, 2011
Ontario hosts over 3,000 festivals and community events each year, but it’s no secret that the province comes alive during the summer.
The Coolest Place on Earth
June 15, 2011
Yep – she’s an old bird now. But at 144 years old, Canada is still looking as fine as ever. In this near century and a half, the Great White North ...
The Best Athlete in the World
June 15, 2011
When Chill set out to determine the greatest athlete by first breaking down the requirements of the sports themselves, the goal was to better frame...
Man's Best Friend
June 16, 2011
If dogs could tell stories about their distant relatives, the Irish Wolfhound could brag, “My ancestors attacked warriors on chariots, and killed e...
Name That Beer Section!
July 18, 2011
Chill readers are always asking us for more information about that celebrated golden beverage – beer! Well we’re listening, Ontario, and we’ve intr...
Funday Monday
July 29, 2011
How’s this for some crafty fun on Funday Monday? We’re challenging you to a game of Ladder Ball! Don’t sell this game short. Trust us, the first 5 ...
Tunesday Tuesday
July 29, 2011
Are you as pumped as we are for the Red Hot Chili Peppers album? Because we're really, really pumped. "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie"

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