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The atmosphere should be nothing short of electric for this weekend's ML...
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Check out 30 Minutes Or Less in theaters tonight!
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Brandon Boyd and the boys are back as part of their "If Not Now, When?" ...
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If you're into online shopping, Tee Fury is the place for you.
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Thirsty Thursday
Smooth and potent, the White Russian discombobulates your oesophagus int...
Thirsty Thursday
Fight the exhausting heat by trying out a Tom Collins Cocktail, a refres...
Thirsty Thursday
Enjoying your favourite beer is like drinking liquid gold, but once in a...
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When's The Weekend Wednesday
More than 30,000 supporters will clutter Yonge Street this weekend at th...
Boating Safety for Canada Day
With the summer finally upon us, and Canada Day just around the corner, ...
Man's Best Friend
If dogs could tell stories about their distant relatives, the Irish Wolf...
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Nothing beats summer in Ontario. Soon we will all be overcome with barbe...
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Even though Ontario winter seems to go on and on, the fact is that when ...
Off the Couch and into Shape
The holiday season is over, the NFL and NHL seasons are closing up shop ...
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Without even realizing it, kids take much of what they have in their liv...
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A few decades ago, it was a lot easier to be a kid.
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Healthy Habits

Behind Market Clichés
The biggest cliché, “buy low and sell high" is incontrovertibly true by its very nature— the rest of these chestnuts bruise a little more easily. Decide for yourself:
Healthy Solutions
It’s safe to use your pool again! Ways to burn excess fat and energy and work up a sweat without even knowing it.
Life in the Snack Lane
While speeding through the demands of a busy lifestyle, healthy eating sometimes takes the back seat.
Benefit From Cardio
Being fit and healthy is in. Actually, it never really goes out of style. Your body is the most valuable asset you could have in your lifetime.
Cooking Tips for Allergics
If you are cooking for your family, then you should already be aware of which allergens to avoid in your meals.
Off the Couch and Into Shape

The holiday season is over, the NFL and NHL seasons are closing up shop and the warm summer months are just around the corner. Let me translate for you: you’ve devoured all the mouth-watering food you can get your hands on and now you have to squeeze on those neon green swim trunks. First let me attempt to put your mind at ease – you’re not alone. The trend after the holidays and football season is a little bit of girth gained in the mid section. Seasonal get-togethers and football games bring in all the usual suspects.

Over indulgence of high fat foods, refined carbohydrates, alcohol and, of course, inactivity may have you feeling a little “sluggish." The good news is it’s never too late to get up, get active and get regular. Let the body and mind adjust to an increase in activity, and up your water intake.

The possibility of dehydration has to be carefully regulated. Water is one of the six basic essential nutrients needed for the body to function normally. Even slight dehydration (water loss of 1-4 percent) can significantly impair performance.

Weight gain, alcohol, and caffeine, all affect the amount and rate of water loss. Thirty minutes of activity, 3-4 times per week, balanced nutrition, and proper water intake (about eight cups per day), can be your short term goal and will help you put the last two months of being a sports crazed, calorie consuming couch potato behind you.


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