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Rosemary Thyme Beef Tenderloin

Posted by Chill Editorial Staff on
December 22, 2008

Beef tenderloin is the most naturally tender and expensive cut of beef money can buy, also one of the most delicious.

Care must be taken when grilling this cut as it contains very little fat, so it can dry out very quickly. An 85g piece of tenderloin contains 0g of carbohydrates, 23g of protein and 9g of fat. I like to eat this meat closer to rare than well done to really appreciate how tender it is. Even if you typically like your meat well done, give it a try on the rare side. If you decide you want it well done, stick it back on the grill.


6 oz Beef Tenderloin
2 sprigs Fresh Rosemary
1 stalk Fresh Thyme
To taste Kosher Salt and Freshly Cracked Black Pepper
1 tbsp Olive Oil

Rainford Method:

Preheat grill to 500° F (260° C).

Rub olive oil on both sides of tenderloin.

Remove thyme and rosemary leaves from stalks and chop.

Rub chopped herbs between fingers to release oils, then rub herbs into oiled meat.

Place meat on grill. Sear on each side, turn heat down and cook to desired doneness.

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AUTHOR: Chill Editorial S... RATE
TAGS: rosemary thyme beef tenderloin, grillin n chillin, recipe

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